Our mission is to create lasting value for clients, employees, shareholders and the larger community through impactful and implementable advice and incubation of breakthrough business ideas
Areté Advisors is a management consulting firm helping clients in conceptualizing and structuring projects, implementing strategic initiatives and improving operational and financial performance

Who we are

  • Arete Advisors LLP (pr. Ah-ree-tay) offers management consulting and new business incubation services
  • Areté’s sectors of operation include construction and infrastructure, education, food and agriculture, healthcare, logistics and supply chain, private equity, real estate and retail
  • Our consulting services include strategy advisory, transactions, performance improvement and program management
  • Our incubation model involves the structured development of new business opportunities in collaboration with a select set of investors

Our Values & Beliefs

Areté is of recent vintage – we got off the ground in early 2013 – but the founders of the Firm have extensive consulting experience and have worked together on 250+ client engagements.

As a team, and as a firm, we are driven by a set of shared values and passions:

  • Excellence as a core philosophy. We set a high standard of quality, and all our work is required to meet this standard
  • A sense of responsibility… we intend that the work we do will far outlive our engagement and leave long-standing impact on our clients, on society and on the world we inhabit. We require all of our solutions to meet the tests of responsibility and sustainability, from economic, social and environmental perspectives
  • A desire to continually learn and grow as professionals and individuals

The Team

  • Monika Sood, Co-founder & Partner – Monika brings with her over 13 years of experience in consulting across sectors such as construction, healthcare, logistics and transportation. Prior to founding Areté, Monika was President and CEO at Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt. Ltd. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Ahmedabad and Masters in Physics from Delhi University
  • Mukesh Khandelwal, Co-founder & Partner – Mukesh has over 15 years of experience in consulting across sectors such as agriculture, material and mining, retail and energy. Prior to founding Areté, Mukesh was Director at Feedback Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Calcutta and B. Tech from IIT Kanpur
  • The team comprises MBAs, Engineers, and Planners from some of India’s premier educational institutions – IIMs, IITs, BITS, St. Stephens (DU) & CEPT
  • Collective experience of more than 85 person-years of management consulting across a diverse range of sectors

Our Brand Identity

What’s in a name? For us, the term Areté (pr. Ah-ree-tay) has a world of meaning. Areté is a Greek concept, and denotes qualities such as “maximising potential”, “defying adversity”, “virtue”, and “excellence”. As a firm, as a team and as individuals, we constantly strive to achieve these objectives through the work we do

The excelling “A”s

Inspired conceptually by what Areté means and visually by the alliteration in our brand name, the peaks of excellence encompass a number of values of our brand’s philosophy. It personi­fies excellence, that we see as a continuing journey and as an opportunity to deliver on, every single day. It captures the very nature of our pursuit of excellence manifested through two symbolic fi­gures heading towards a “­finish line” – yes we are competitive. It embodies the close nature of our engagements with all stakeholders – clients, employees, associates, vendors and everyone who is part of Areté. And yes, it does endeavour to represent our initials, the double “A”s. It is what completes the Areté Advisors brand – the excelling “A’s

Brand Colours

The Flaming Orange in our logo stands for the passion we bring to the job, to our engagements and towards our responsibility to society at large. It is a manifestation of our initiative taking abilities when it comes to our work, and our commitment to go beyond the call of duty to deliver on our promises, by actually exceeding expectations – every single time.

The Cool Grey personifi­es our inherent “demeanour” –  no matter how tall the challenge at hand may be. It also captures the unwavering integrity, steadfastness and professional knowledge that we bring to every relationship we build with our stakeholders

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